Hanley Christian Reformed Church


Faith Promise

Hanley's Faith Promise program calls attention to our responsibility under Christ's "Great Commission" to bring the gospel to the whole world. Each year, one or two weeks are set aside for missionaries to lead our worship services. During this time, members of the congregation are given the opportunity to make an anonymous promise to God to provide a specific amount of money for the support of designated missions causes. The missions currently supported by Hanley include:


Mel Trotter Ministries

On the second Thursday of each month, members of the Hanley congregation lead a worship service at Mel Trotter Ministries. We provide a speaker, a pianist, and a soloist or other musicians. Approximately 200 attend this service.


Vacation Bible School

Each summer, Hanley provides a Vacation Bible School for the children of Hanley and the community. This is a special week-long event for children 4 years - 5th grade. It includes Bible lessons, singing, skits, games, crafts, and treats. The final day is celebrated with a program and refreshments for family and friends.


World Mission

The TreasureHanley is also involved with World Mission, which brings the Word of God to non-literate people by providing audio playback devices called The Treasure.



Love In the Name of Christ

Love INC works to support Christians in bringing God's love and care into our communities by mobilizing churches to address the unmet needs of individuals and families, such as food, clothing, transportation, household goods, counseling, etc.  


The Hanley Prison Ministry

Since February 2004, Hanley has carried out a ministry to inmates in several prisons in California. This ministry also serves family members and friends of the inmates. Why in California? Because Hanley inherited this ministry from a member's brother who lives in California.

About ten times each year, we send out transcripts of a sermon preached at Mel Trotter Mission to each inmate on our mailing list. Before mailing, the sermons are translated into Spanish for those inmates who can only read Spanish. Some inmates receive the transcripts in both Spanish and English and share the message with other inmates during Bible studies that they've organized for themselves.

Hanley also sends these sermons in English and Spanish to chaplains and counselors who make copies available to inmates in their institutions. In this way, thousands of copies of each sermon are distributed.

This ministry has gradually grown to serve more inmates and more prisons. As of July 2009, we reach nearly 100 individuals at 16 prisons with personal mailings. As a result of this ministry, some inmates have initiated an exchange of personal letters with us. We have also responded to requests from inmates and chaplains for Bibles in English and Spanish. We recently responded to a chaplain's request for Christian music by providing 33 CDs for him to share with inmates. We have also arranged for copies of the book The Purpose Driven Life to be shipped in response to numerous requests.

We pray this ministry will continue to expand and eventually reach men and women in prisons in additional states.